About Us

VASE Entertainment Group is a High Immersion Media company with a focus on commercial and narrative film, as well as VFX and 3D.

We’re well versed and we’re well spoken. We can turn dreams in to living, breathing things.

Having packaged, pitched, and sold projects to large-scale production companies for distribution through major networks, VASE is fast moving and suited to excel with concept through production and post production.

We got in to media and film because we love helping people tell their story—start to finish. How you get there is as important as where you end up.

Handling client needs of all sizes, VASE is adept at content integration across many digital platforms.

We keep up with trends, as well as know which ones to keep trending on.

The members of VASE, both individually and collectively, are forward thinking, award winning people who understand the value of what it means to have a powerful impact.

We saved time to amount ourselves right, so we could give the right amount of time to you. We play well with others, too.



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Our Team

Phil O'Neil
Phil O'NeilPartner
Philip O’Neil has worked at Fortune 100 companies such as AT&T and Motorola in information technology, project management, and corporate security. In 2008 Phil took a risk and left telecommunications to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a filmmaker. As a Producer, Phil has several projects in various stages of development. This includes a super hero comedy, a 3D SWAT Team reality series, a 3D horror film, and a 3D historical docudrama.
Thomas Pitts
Thomas PittsPartner
Tom has been in the entertainment industry for over twenty-five years. He has a diverse background in entertainment technology and well as the business of entertainment. He is a Senior Partner and the Chief Operating Officer for VASE Entertainment Group.
In 1990 Tom founded “Thomas James Productions” and has been its president for the past twenty-three years.

Tim Maupin
Tim MaupinPartner
Tim Maupin is an experienced stereographer, award-winning filmmaker, and teaches 3D Stereoscopic Cinema at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. Tim has two Associates Degrees, one in art and the other in computer programming. He has a BA from Webster University in Film Production. He is now on their faculty teaching 3D filmmaking.


VASE is a vendor for Dimenco Displays, a brand of high-quality, stereoscopic 3D projection systems for the United States.  We are proud to work with another company on the cutting edge of new technology.

If you are a business, and have interest in showcasing your brand in 3D, contact us to start a conversation.  We wouldn’t blame you—the market research on the impact of 3D is incredible. Just like our mantra for VASE—it gets to them, it stays with them, and it’s a great experience.

Check out the brochure below to learn more about Dimenco and stereoscopic 3D:

Click Here Download The Brochure